colours in motion

Motion or movement, when photographed, always conveys a certain feeling. This effect can be enhanced by using colours. Every colour is connected to a distinct feeling which is even able to set the entire tone of a photograph. Using these two effects a photographer is able to create every possible mood or setting in his photograph, reaching from a very still and intimate black and white portrait to a loud, colourful, and stimulating party scene. By using this exact logic, the photobook “colours in motion” portraited different dancers and gave all of them a different colour to work with, asking them to dance or act out the emotion or feeling they connect the most with that certain colour. Although there being a very definitive description of every colour and what feeling or mood that colour is supposed to convey, the dancers were tasked to use their own definition and experience to put together these movements, resulting in a broad variety of emotions and feelings being seen in every colour.